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I had a moment tonight. Since living in this new home I’m trying to change my clutter habits. Now cat can get her own allergy pill and tummy meds and I’ll never again have to say “Oh the band aids are in that cabinet, behind the hot sauce, no under the Tylonal, oh forget it I’ll find it”. Cheers! #condridge #organizeit #movingonover #changingourways

I really miss the old me. Really.

And looking at my old blog ain’t helping nothing ya’ll. 

I’m obsessed with her clothes. I look forward to my 50’s.

Oh hi again!

Today started day 2 of my Cut the Crap initiative. I desperately needed the yogi tea inspiration.

So, let me catch you up (just on my initiative for now) I have eaten like crap my entire life. Not quantity but quality CRAP! I eat my veggies, don’t deep fry my dinner, and skip as many additives as possible in most foods but I love Dr. Pepper and cheese and bread, oh my. Maybe it was something about turning 30 that made me realize my body is only as awesome as i treat it. So with the support of my family (my sister cut her crap a few months ago) I decided I was done.

Yesterday was day one. I woke up starving but somehow I managed to stick to what I wanted to do. The idea is that I will be cleansing for 10 days, purging all the crap I’ve consumed for years. As soon as I wake I have a glass of water. Then a fiber shake, more water, then breakfast. I snack a few hours later, have lunch, snack, dinner and fish oil, snack, and then vitamins and bed.

So day 2 is halfway over and the hardest part so far is my extreme lack of energy and nausea (maybe from my sugar withdrawals). Finding food is not huge for me, I’m a decent cook and I know what to look for. Hopefully revisiting my blogging days will make this easier and hold me accountable.

YAY! I’m cutting the crap!

Tonight I may go listen to my future husband play music. I feel an entertaining night is in the making!

Sunday funday. Cozy quiet time with Father of the Bride. Now I must plan my own little shindig. #imreallygettingmarriedagain #ineedamimosa

Just incase anyone in the #shoals area or anywhere else tries to buy a little camera at a pawn shop or via Craig’s list. These are the serials to what was stolen from me.

Home. Groggy. Watching documentaries. Eating cookie dough. Popping pills. Sipping on Dr Pepper. Being gangsta.

Cat sent her dad a letter via a balloon today. She’s had one hell of a weekend, sending letters to dad always help. There is a reason why they call those left behind after a death survivors. #memorialday #worldsstrongestgirl #luckymommy #usmc #survivor #kia #matthewconley #thankavet

Catherine scored Washington for her state project. Anyone want to send her postcards, photos, or something authentic to the evergreen state?!

My plant spirit. #cheapbouquetwascheap

Interstate cock. Exit 6 #birthdayroadtrip

ATTENTION OUT OF STATE BUDDIES: Catherine has a social studies research project (yep, first grade) on a state of her choice. Anyone want to volunteer your state, a postcard, and maybe a little more info for her? We want to make it a personal project.

Edit. Edit. Edit. Eyes crossed.

Oh look the rebels are going to be on the news again. @reallymattross and @robmaldridge are just trying to make rock and roll y’all. #channel31 #huntsville #alabama #music #rock #shhhh